Lesley Smyth joins Thunderbirds organization

Lesley Smyth joins Thunderbirds organization

The Moncton U16 Thunderbirds are pleased to announce that Lesley Smyth has agreed to join our organization as a Mental Performance Coach & Licensed Counsellor.

Lesley is a nationally-ranked competitive swimmer, coach, school teacher, registered mental health counsellor, and most important, a mother.  Lesley understands first-hand the challenges faced by young athletes. As a teacher and mental health counsellor, she saw the need for mental fitness in young athletes and in response to this need, developed Mindfit.

Mindfit trains athletes’ minds to enhance their mental, emotional and physical success in both life and sport. Mindfit delivers mental fitness training and educational packages that answers the unique challenges faced by athletes, coaches, teams, and parents.

The mental training programs of Mindfit tackles issues such as performance enhancement strategies (pre, during, and post competition), emotional regulation, performance anxiety, goal setting, dealing with adversity, depression, self-confidence, focus, resiliency, post-injury recovery, and the balancing of sport with school, social and home life.

Our young athletes will certainly benefit from Lesley’s knowledge and experience. We are thrilled to welcome her to the team. “The mental aspect of the game is too often neglected. It was a priority to our group to provide each of our players all necessary resources to maximize their full potential and Lesley will play a major role in that regard” said Head Coach Jeremy LeBlanc. 

For more information about Lesley: www.mindfittraining.com/

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