2021-2022 Selection Camp REGISTRATION

2021-2022 Selection Camp REGISTRATION
Register now for the 2021-22 U16 Thunderbirds Selection Camp. 

If you're interested to be a Thunderbird, it is important to sign-up in advance to receive camp details as they are made available. 


Whether or not you tryout for the Moncton Rallye Motors Nissan Flyers, we ask that you sign up for the Thunderbirds Selection Camp in the event that you are not part of the final U18 Flyers roster and interested to join our program.


CAMP DETAILS (subject to change)


Each player guaranteed 3 ice time
Cost: $90


Tuesday September 7th 
Group 1 (Defense + Goalies) 8:15PM (UNIplex Dieppe)
Group 2 (Forwards + Goalies) 8:30PM (UNIplex Dieppe)


Friday September 10th  
Session 1 5:45PM (UNIplex Dieppe)
Session 2 7:00PM (UNIplex Dieppe)


Saturday September 11th 
Session 1 3:30PM (UNIplex Dieppe)
Session 2 4:45PM (UNIplex Dieppe)


Sunday September 12th 
Session 1 3:30PM (UNIplex Dieppe)
Session 2 4:45PM (UNIplex Dieppe)

Our mission for the U16 Moncton Thunderbirds Hockey Club is to provide a positive and competitive environment aimed at developing highly competitive hockey players both on-ice and off-ice through the supervision of our highly qualified coaches, directors and hockey advisors. Our commitment to a competitive schedule is designed to stretch players beyond their comfort zone. 
We are also committed to helping our players and their parents navigate through the different hockey opportunities that arise for the players in the future. Playing hockey for the U16 Moncton Thunderbirds requires that players exhibit a strong work ethic, commitment and sportsmanship as we strive to develop excellent hockey players and individuals of good character.